Shanghai Affairs - Episode 1

Behind each fashion show, there is a story. HUGO BOSS TV presents “Shanghai Affairs” - the movie in anticipation of the BOSS Fashion Show in Shanghai on May 30, 2013 starring Lin Chiling and Jon Kortajarena.

Directed by Noam Griegst. 

Music by Trentemøller.

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Fuck Yeah Menswear - Trailer


New York, All Saints store. Winter 2012, Canon 5D MarkII, 50mm f1.4

#develon at ITS 2012 #fashion show (Scattata con Instagram presso Salone degli Incanti)

#develon at ITS 2012 #fashion show (Scattata con Instagram presso Salone degli Incanti)

untitled by Jack Toohey on Flickr.

untitled by Jack Toohey on Flickr.

Apollo 40th Anniversary

Louis Vuitton “Journeys” Campaign w/Buzz Aldrin & Jim Lovell

Commercial featuring former NASA astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Sally Ride and Jim Lovell for Louis Vuitton as part of their new campaign commemorating the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.

Intel Visual Life - The Sartorialist

Blogger Scott Schumann, aka, The Sartorialist, shares photos from his Visual Life with 70,000 readers a day. In this film by Intel, get a sneak peek into the man behind the lens and how technology plays a pivotal role in bringing his passion to life.


Louis Vuitton with Scott Campbell, NY Part - by Simon Cahn

Liz Collini’s Typographic Work

Type design is an art, non a joke. You have to respect the fonts that you use because there is a lot of work, culture, devotion spent to design them.